Ready to overcome anxiety?
Struggling with intense anxiety or panic attacks?
Ready to finally find relief?
Who Is This For?

Women who are...
  • ​​In a constant battle with anxiety
  • ​Avoiding activities or people 
  • ​​Feeling hopeless
Women who want...
  • To regain control of their life
  • ​To conquer anxiety at its roots
  • ​​To make an investment in themselves ♥
Who Am I?
I'm Stefanie Hathaway
Anxiety Expert, EMDR Therapist, LLPC
What makes therapy with me different? 

Well in order to understand that, let me tell you the quick story of why I became an EMDR therapist who specializes in anxiety.   

In my mid-20s, I started having intense anxiety and panic attacks. I didn’t understand what was happening or why I was anxious. I felt out of control ... like my anxiety was constantly taking over, and daily life just got hard.   

I tried reading all the books, tried holistic healing methods, and attended prayer ministry. Despite my efforts, I couldn’t keep my anxiety in check. It felt like a constant battle, and the anxiety was winning.

Even though I was training to become a therapist myself, I couldn’t find the answers. So I decided to seek out a therapist who could lead me to a real solution.

I met with several therapists. But I wasn’t getting the results I hoped for ... I wanted more than just to talk through my anxiety and learn how to manage it ... I wanted it to be gone! It was not until I saw a counselor who offered a different therapy approach called EMDR that I learned I could actually conquer my anxiety at its roots.

I learned where my anxiety was coming from, why my body was responding like it did, and my therapist walked me through a process that helped my brain heal. My panic attacks disappeared, and finally I had the relief I was looking for.  
I can help you do the same.
I became an EMDR therapist specializing in anxiety because I am passionate about helping women struggling with intense anxiety or panic attacks regain control of their lives.

This time in life can be difficult and overwhelming. There’s always questions like:
  • Is there something wrong with me?
  • ​Will it be like this forever?
  • ​Why is this happening?
  • ​Will I ever have the life I want?
No matter where you’re at in your journey, I believe there is always hope ... regardless of what life has thrown at you or what you’ve tried before. 

You deserve better than just getting by, you deserve to thrive.

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What People Are Saying
“Stefanie is a kind, caring, compassionate, and respectful person. All you have to do is talk to her for two minutes and you'll find yourself feeling comfortable and heard by her. She truly cares about her clients and their lives. She is a well-educated and committed therapist. I highly recommend her!"

“I learned so much from Stefanie today about EMDR. She was very knowledgeable and her information was very informative in the subject."

-Female, Event Participant
“She's easy to work with, was professional and personable, and very competent!”

“Stefanie is an amazing therapist and person! You can tell when you interact with her how much she cares for her clients. I've worked with her before and would gladly do so again. Stefanie is invested in her client's journey and adept at equipping them to make the changes they desire to become a more healthy version of themselves.”

“In working with Stefanie I have found her very caring and compassionate about her clients. Stefanie goes the extra mile to make her clients feel at ease in their journey towards their goal. She takes the time to really understand what you wish to accomplish in counseling and creates a genuine healing atmosphere.”

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